End Carriages
MakNet Industries can provide economical solutions for both EOT & HOT cranes along with gear motors brakes and electrical panel. So that customer will assemble EOT or HOT cranes easily by themselves easily. Moreover, we cater Gearbox and Gear motor for EOT and HOT also. We provide Gear boxes for long travel and mounting hoist in EOT, HOT and Crab cranes,.

DSL System
We can provide all kinds of power feeding systems required for EOT and HOT cranes Hoist, and also for all types of overhead Material Handling Systems.

We also provide Radio Remote Control, Slings, Hook, Clamp, Pendant, Brake Assembly Limit Slow, Brake Coil for EOT Crane, HOT Crane, Electric Wire Rope Hoist and all types of Overhead Material Handling Systems.

End Carriages

Gear Boxes

Gear Motors

DSL System

Radio - Remote Control




Brake Assembly Spares

Limit Switches

Brake Coil Spares

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